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Shared Resources from presenters at the March 2019 Digital Accessibility Legal Summit

· Chris M. Law ·

Accessibility Switchboard Logo

The Accessibility Switchboard is a project of the National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute with support from the Maryland Department of Disabilities. Developed by NFB and Chris Law of Accessibility Track, with help and support from the Community of Practice member organizations. The objective of the project is to generate new, freely available resources—guides, and other articles—for readers who want to bring about changes to their situation, and changes to the organizations they work in.

Articles of note:

  1. LEGAL (PROACTIVE) Q&A: What are the steps I can take to reduce the likelihood of getting sued over the accessibility of my ICT?

  2. LEGAL (REACTIVE) Q&A: What should I do when I’m approached with an ICT accessibility complaint or legal action?

I.C.T. Logo

The ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium has become the premier event for professionals and practitioners in the testing of digital content for effective use by people with disabilities. The event features peer reviewed papers and a diverse range of workshops providing training for digital content developers and testers. In the fall of 2019, the 4th annual symposium will take place.

Do you have developers and testers who are looking to improve their skills? Concurrent with the Legal Summit, three “ICT Accessibility Testing Spring Bootcamp Courses” are being offered by top accessibility testing experts. The courses also take place at the Sheraton, Anaheim, March 11-12, 2019:

  1. Accessibility Testing 101
  2. Accessibility Testing 201
  3. Mobile Website Accessibility Testing

· Kristina Launey ·

ADA Title III News and Insights Logo

Kristina Launey is co-editor of Seyfarth Shaw’s very popular, very useful ADA Title III blog.

· Dan Goldstein ·

Goldstein Book cover Thumbnail

Ensuring Digital Accessibility through Process and Policy is a book by Jonathan Lazar, Daniel F. Goldstein, & Anne Taylor. The book covers US and international laws, regulation, and standards, as well as guidance for compliance monitoring and organizational culture change.

Goldstein Video Clip Thumbnail

In 2018, Dan was invited to present the opening keynote speech at the prestigious CSUN Assistive Technology Conference.

· Lainey Feingold ·

Lainey maintains a website with regular Legal Updates relating to digital accessibility.

Each year, Lainey presents one of the most popular sessions at the annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference. Lainey will be again presenting her update this year at the 2019 CSUN conference in Anaheim.

Feingold Video Clip Thumbnail

Lainey is a frequent speaker on legal matters relating to digital accessibility, e.g.:

Feingold Book cover Thumbnail

Lainey Feingold’s book is Structured Negotiation: A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits. This book came about through her work “to resolve technology and information access claims of the blind community” without resorting to lawsuits. “… it is a dispute resolution method built on the collaborative notion that if parties seek common ground, instead of digging their heels into legal arguments, solutions to even complex problems can emerge.”

· Jack McElaney ·

Digital Accessibility Digest

Jack McElaney is the editor of “Accessibility in the News”, a weekly online publication linking to weekly news events, along with resources, training events and conferences. Subscribe to Accessibility in the News at the MicroAssist website.

Digital Accessibility Legal Digest

2018 Online Accessibility Legal News Recap. Sean McElaney. Published January 24, 2019.

Banking Law Journal

“Website Accessibility: The Legal Landscape”, by Trahan, Damweber & Kuykendall, January 2019 issue of the Banking Law Journal.

· Jared Smith ·

WebAIM web accessibility in mind logo

WebAIM maintains a page of articles on digital accessibility, which includes overviews of relevant laws in the US and around the World.

In addition, WebAIM’s page of Resources includes tools, simulations, and videos introducing digital accessibility concepts.

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